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Emerald Park (Sweden)

Artist: Emerald Park

Title: Black Box CC

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.082]

Genre: Indie / Alternative

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2014-07-29

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0

Once again, we are proud to present one of Sweden´s finest pop acts, the Malmö-based indie outfit EMERALD PARK. This is our fifth release by the band and one of their best recordings so far. Enjoy the music! Read more »





Independent Music Since 2006

23 Seconds Netlabel is an independent label founded by Johan Lundin in april 2006, in the Swedish harbour city of Gothenburg. We release all kinds of alternative music, from pure indie-pop to dreamy chillout, hip-hop, trip-hop and minimalistic electronica.


All our music is free to download and released under Creative Commons Licenses, but please consider supporting us with a small donation. Your kind contribution will help us pay for running costs, to promote our artists and to keep the music free.

We love to connect with people and 23 Seconds Netlabel has a number of social media feeds to allow you to stay up to date with the latest news, music and various thoughts.

Simon Waldram (UK)

Artist: Simon Waldram

Title: Haven't We Met Before? The Songs of Simon Waldram

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.081]

Genre: Indie / Lo-fi / Alternative

Country: UK

Release date: 2014-03-13

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0

Simon's music is a personal blend of indie pop, psych-folk, rock, lo-fi  and various experimental stuff. He released his first songs back in 2009 and this album should be seen as an introduction to his work. It contains 15 handpicked songs. Read more »    Official website




Artist: Tracing Arcs

Title: Wasteland

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.080]

Genre: Trip-hop / Downtempo

Country: UK

Release date: 2014-01-18

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0

One of todays finest trip-hop acts are back with a new delicious full-length album. We are proud to present our second release by TRACING ARCS. Read more »




Tracing Arcs (UK)


Latest News & Blog entries

"Recent Music Heroes" is an Estonian blog about free music. The week theey published a great review of our latest release by Tracing Arcs. "One of the best music issues in 2014"
You can read the review in full here:

The song Blue by Emerald Park appears in the latest show at Rathole Radio. It is an hour of "the best eclectic music from around the web and around the world."
Read more and stream/download the program here:

Jay Adkins and his unsigned music show - The N.U.A Show is a weekly two hour slice of what's best in the Unsigned Music world (broadcasted every Wednesday on Longside Radio, UK). This week "Reality Bites" by Emerald Park appeard in the program.
Read more and listen here: Facebook, mixcloud.com/nuashow, longsideradio.co.uk

In case you have missed it, our dear British friends Keshco released an EP called "World Of Football 14" earlier this summer. You can download it for FREE via Bandcamp or The Free Music Archive.

"Our new EP celebrates the beautiful game, a game that brings all the world’s tribes together to eat pies, cuss at officials and throw their shoes on the pitch; a game where a few untruths can propel a cheeky no-hoper into the Premier League; and where, if you can scrape through 90 minutes and extra time, you might be fortunate in the devil’s lottery of penalty kicks. It is available via our Bandcamp page, the Free Music Archive, and Sepp Blatter’s hotel minibar."

The Radio CC "Freie Musik für freie Hörer" is a German Creative Commons project, including a regulary music podcast. Tracing arcs appears in this weeks epsiode, go have a listen to the show here: http://theradio.cc


Emerald Park appears with two songs on "The 00 show", a Creative Commons live radio show at "Ryno The Bearded". You can stream or download the program here: rynothebearded.com

The song "Closer To You" by Tracing Arcs is featured on TomCast, an independent music podcast started in December 2013. The show contains some great tunes that are all pretty melodic in nature and span a number of different genres including metal, trip hop and techno.
Read more and listen: tomhoyle.wordpress.com

The Womb's new single 'I Never Gave You A Child' is out now as a free download from the band webiste. Featuring Cameron Piko on guitars and Claire Jeddou on backing vocals.
Visit: alandriscoll.com/thewomb

Watch the video for the previously unreleased song "Blue", taken from the upcoming EP "Black Box CC".
The video was shot by Ormdådet Film & Media in April 2014 outside The AstraStube in Hamburg the day after an Emerald Park gig.
Watch video


Popular releases

Artist: Adam & Alma

Title: Back To The Sea
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.043]

Genre: Electronic / Pop / Chill

Country: Sweden
Release date: 2010-03-29

CC License: by-nc-nd 3.0


Artist: Azoora feat. Graciellita

Title: Apart
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.064]

Genre: Trip-hop / Chill

Country: UK / Canada

Release date: 2011-07-22

CC License: by-sa 3.0

Read more »


Artist: Azoora

Title: Revelations EP
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.018]

Genre: Indie / Acoustic / Psychedelic
Country: United Kingdom
Release date:  2008-06-05
CC License: by-nc-nd/3.0
Read more »


Artist: Emerald Park

Title: Things EP

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.078]

Genre: Indie / Pop

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2013-04-07

Licenses: by-nc-nd/3.0



Artist: Henrik José

Title: The Little Things EP

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel
Cat: [sec.041]

Genre: Dream pop / Ambient

Country: Sweden
Release date: 2010-01-31

CC Licenses: by-nc-nd 3.0

Read more »


Artist: Azoora

Title: A Thousand Ways EP

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.077]

Genre: Indie / Post-rock / Psychedelic

Country: UK

Release date: 2012-08-26



Artist: Various

Title: A Shortcut Past The Fear 2

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.074]

Genre: Indie
Country: Various
Release date: 2012-06-01

CC License: by-nc-sa 3.0
Read more »


Artist: T Bird

Title: T Bird Is Good For You

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.068]

Genre: Hip-Hop / Funk / Soul

Country: United States

Release date: 2011-11-30
CC Licenses: by-nc-sa/3.0

Read more »





Artist: Tracing Arcs

Title: Eye See You Too
Remixes & Forbidden Fruit)
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.061]

Genre: Trip-hop / Electronica

Country: UK

Release date: 2011-05-25
CC Licenses: by-nc-sa/3.0

Read more »


Artist: Reverend Big O

Title: When There Is Only Light To Believe In/Hope For
Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.073]

Genre: Indie / Post-rock /

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2012-04-30

CC Licenses: by-nc-sa/3.0
Read more »


Recommended Creative Commons projects

ACTS OF SILENCE covers Creative Commons music that is given away for free. Most of the time, these albums are released by netlabels, though periodically, they review self-released works

CLONGCLONGMOO is a German, user driven project. Here you can read about new netlabel releases every day. The site also contains a massive list of netlabels. A great tool to find out about new and not so famous music! http://clongclongmoo.org

FREEQUENCY is a great and very respected German based radio show with free netaudio music, broadcasting on ByteFM and presented by Christian Grasse. You can also download or listen to the show as a podcast via archive.org.


FROSTCLICK is a blog/directory of all cool and legal things you can download with the FrostWire application or just straight up with your browser. They regulary scan the web, keep in touch with netlabels, try to stay on top of the news and pick the best of free & legal content available online. A truly great project! http://frostclick.com

FREE MUSIC ARCHIVE is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.  The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America.  Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet.

NETAUDIO INDEX is a user driven site with a lot of news and links to new free music.

NETLABELISM is a German magazine for quality netaudio. The project is based in Cologne but the articles are written in English. http://netlabelism.com

NETWAVES is a Belgian non-profit organisation, based in Leuven - serving and promoting netlabels. Netwaves is also a weekly radio program dedicated to netlabels/netaudio. Almost every episode features an interview with a netlabel artist, netlabel owner or somebody related to netlabels. http://netwaves.org

REC72 is a Cologne based netlabel delivering electronic music and audio visuals for free on the Internet – since 2007. http://rec72.net

To find more related sites, please visit our Link section.