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Artist: Azoora

Title: A Thousand Ways EP

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.077]

Genre: Indie / Post-rock / Psychedelic

Country: UK

Release date: 2012-08-26

Licenses: Creative Commons licenses/by/3.0
Composers: P. Loader / J. Purcell

Sleeve design: Jenny Persson

The grandfathers of '23 Seconds Netlabel' are back with a long-awaited and absolutely astounding EP.  "A Thousand Ways EP" is our eight release by the mighty Azoora from London.


For years the band has been creating music on its own terms, which has resulted in a unique and very personal sound, often combining a lot of different genres like indie, post-rock, singer songwriter, trip-hop and a dose of experimental ideas.

Azoora consists today of singer and songwriter Paul Loader, producer, composer and multi instrumentalist John Purcell, drummer Ben Cochrane, and backing vocalist Trudi Lawrence. It was more than two years ago since the full band released something together and the result surpasses all expectations, comparable to the band's best work. Perhaps the atmosphere is a little bit darker today and the music not so experimental, but the core of the music is the same as before, and the concept where the EP contains two alternative takes of each of their tracks.


So sit down, make yourself comfortable, listen, and be carried away by our flagship and most important artist: Azoora! You can discover all their earlier work for free here: www.23seconds.org/azoora.htm

Track list

 1. A thousand ways

 2. A few thousand more

 3. Shadow of you

 4. Astray

 5. Keep on running

 6. Sleep on the way


Azoora (London, UK)  Jamendo / Webpage

Jenny Persson  www.konstfoto.com

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