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Artist: Tracing Arcs

Title: Wasteland

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel

Cat: [sec.080]

Genre: Trip-hop / Downtempo

Country: UK

Release date: 2014-01-18

Licenses: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0


One of todays finest trip-hop acts are back with a new delicious full-length album. We are proud to present our second release by TRACING ARCS.

Founded in the mid 90's - TRACING ARCS  trip-hop sound is a musical blend of jazz, smooth downtempo beats, mellow electronica and the emotional and fascinating voice of Fran Kapelle. Wasteland contains seven new songs and three remixes - organic and electronic in the same breath.
During all the years, the band has always been kind and exemplary when it comes to giving away their music for free. And even better, their music is released under Creative Commons Licenses, just to make sure You can share it, remix it, sample it or use it in your own work.
To help them record more beautiful songs in the future, we ask you to please consider supporting them with a small donation.
Sharing is caring - enjoy the music!


Track list

 1. Closer to You

 2. Unravel The Thread

 3. My Little Girl

 4. The Go-Between

 5. Walk Across The Wasteland
 6. Voodoo
 7. Homecoming
 8. My Little Girl (Tracing Arcs Revenge Mix)
 9. Voodoo (Zengineers Undecided Remix)
10.Homecoming (Ribbonmouthrabbit - love is the key Remix)

Please consider supporting Tracing arcs with a small donation

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