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Emerald Park go! go! go!, emerald park, creative commons, review, album, indie, netlabel, 23 seconds
emerald park, creative commons, review, album, indie, netlabel, 23 seconds, go! go! go!, tobias borelius

Artist: Emerald Park

Title: Go!Go!Go!

Label: 23 Seconds Netlabel (+ Sound Pollution & Smaragd Records)

Cat: [sec.086]

Genre: Indie

Country: Sweden

Release date: 2015-06-23
Music & lyrics: Tobias Borelius (1,2,3,5,6,7) Conny fridh(4)
Recorded and mixed by:
Carl Granberg (1,2,4,5), Ola Frick (3,7) and Daniel Gunneberg (6).

Mastered by: Hans Ohlsson Brookes
: Creative Commons Licenses-by-nc-sa/3.0
Band members: Martina Johansson, Daniel Jönsson, Conny Fridh,
Måns Katsler, Mattias Wilke, Frans Af Schmidt, Tobias Danielsson Borelius
Links: Facebook  Bandcamp  Soundcloud  Jamendo  Twitter


23 Seconds Netlabel proudly presents our sixth release by the Malmö indie pop group, Emerald Park.

In 2015, Emerald Park have taken on a somewhat more divergent musical persona. With much experimentation, their sound has grown beautifully, travelling from acoustic and ukelele-driven tunes to more indie pop and electronic atmospheres, the band having shifted towards the use of electric guitars, Moogs and various synths. The Swedish outfit find strength and resource in this continuous progress, making the new 7-track album "Go!Go!Go!" a very compelling record and listening experience.

Go! Go!Go! is released in cooperation with Smaragd Records and Sound Pollution. It can be downloaded for FREE and is also available on all major streaming services. Still, we ask you to please consider supporting them to help them record more beautiful songs in the future.
As independent artists of 2015, bands like Emerald Park handle everything financially on their own and the future of how to to earn some money back lies in the hands of fans and supporters who understand the current climate.With this release we are giving you the option to pay what you want when you download the album at Bandcamp (your money is transferred safely directly to the band with no middle-hands). Enjoy the music!

Track list
1. Go! Go! Go!
2. Liberteens Mp3
3. Hamburg  Mp3
4. Guiding Light Mp3
5. Wolf Mp3
6. Blue Mp3
7. Graduation Failed
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